Barrelcats Barn


It all began in 2020.
A young Barrel had the idea of becoming the most famous Twitch streamer ever.
Just kidding!
A young girl noticed that she has a difficulty communicating and she wanted to change that.
So the Barrel decided to make a Twitch account.
That she had an account though did not mean that she would be using it anytime soon.
I believe it began in 2021 that the streaming started. The young Barrel had no idea what she was doing.
But soon the first people came to join the community.
If memory serves, it was about the same time that the Panda and the Bee joined the family.
With Panda being the ball of sunshine he is and the bee being there to talk made for a good foundation and the community history begins.
Something that isnt known by everyone is that Marsy was there long before. Actually met her in an online game outside of streams.
She would join in at times too.
I think then it is time for Mrbears entrance. The exact timeline of these matters is hard to remember.
Feel free to help me will in some info if you remember it.
Met MrBear on his streams. Fun streamer. He stopped streaming and joined us. Happy for it but sad for the streams.
It has been a few months after that the Gestahl started showing up. Out of nowhere and for a long time we wouldnt know
what disaster that would mean for all of us. (i hear his evil laugh just thinking about it)