Barrelcats Barn

Welcome to my shop!

Commissions are currently OPEN!

Thanks for clicking here and considering this. You will help me learn, progress and get great art as reward.
I will always do my best. Regular updates are a given.

Please read the Terms of Agreement so that we dont have any misunderstandings later.
You can also get a quote for a price before ordering.
I have the right to refuse the request if it makes me uncomfortable.

What I will do:
- OCs
- Multiple characters (+100% of the price for each character)
- Humans
- Furry
a - NSFW
- Other

What I won't do:
- Gore
- Mecha
- Offensive art


- Payment only through PayPal. Any currency is fine but consider conversion fees. I will list the prices in euros.
- No refunds. You can cancel your order before I start your commission.
- Half of the payment need to be send before starting model, and the rest after finishing.
- You can also pay through my Twitch account in subs or bits.

I'll try to send you wips every time i work on it.
You can ask for changes while art is still in the modeling process (meaning before the physical shape is completely done).
Changes for coloring or accessories can be done also after finishing the main body.

Commissions are for personal use! Streaming assets are included.

Commercial fee is +100% of the total (commercial fee NEEDS to be paid when you want to sell my arts as a merch).
I have the rights of the artworks, if youll post it on any social media, please credit me. it would be greatly appreciated!

I will post my In progress works on Discord and mayber other places so if you want me to not post, just tell me and we can discuss it!
I can also stream the process on Twitch or Discord, let me know if you dont want me to do it.

You can also contact me on discord. Barrel Cat#6027
otherwise you can reach me under:


- 10 Euro per one emote
- Size 320x320


Bust (head to chest)
- model: 5 Euro / sculpt 10
- Colored +5 euro / texture paint +10 euro
- complexity +10 euro


- model: 10 euro / sculpt 20
- colored: +5 euro / texture paint +10 euro
- background + 5 euro
- complexity +10 euro


- model: 15 euro / sculpt 30
- colored: +5 euro / texture paint +10 euro
- background + 5
- complexity +10 euro